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All My Love ft. Yummy Bingham : TiRon & Ayomari

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"Leave the water to the well, and the blue up to the sky, and your worries up to me, no matter."

- Jennah Bell

Ain’t it funny that you want me back?
Ain’t it funny that you want me back?
Still ain’t got no money
but you want me back..”

-‘Aint It Funny’ by Andrew Ashong

"Sometimes I bite my lips and close my eyes,
Just to pretend it’s you.
Long live lonely thoughts on Thursday nights,
That’s when I think of you."

- SZA - Warm Winds ft. Isaiah Rashad (via goddessoftheghetto)

(via rippedpaperhearts)

If someone makes it their mission to ignore you, please just let them. This is THEIR issue not yours.